My Public Speaking Topics

I enjoy passing my expertise & enthusiasm at professional public conferences, at companies‘ meetings

as well as at the University of Economics in Prague

  • Business related topics including opening speeches
  • Leadership and personal development topics

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Jana Budikova’s recent public speeches

For selective public speeches there are presentations avaialble for download.

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  • 19.10.2012 – „How to Manage A Brand Globally, Practical Examples“ For PhD Students / VSE Prague

  • 14.9.2012 – „How To Motivate People In The Front Line“ Forum of Inspiration, Zlin. PRESENTATION for download.

  • 2.4.2012 – „How To Effectively Use Social Media In Journalism“, Charles University, Faculty of Journalism/Social Studies, Prague

  • 27.3.2012 – „How To Exploit Twitter For Businesses and Individuals“ – American Chamber of Commerce, Prague. This PRESENTATION for download.

  • 1.12. 2011 – „How To Create Company Strategy That Brings Results“ VSE / University of Economics in Prague

  • 15.11.2011 – „When finally will women start to help each other?“ DOWNLOAD Radio Cesko

  • 10.10. 2011 – Glossary in Radio Cesko: „Is Manager´s Vulnerability Desirable?“ DOWNLOAD

  • 3.12.2010 – Strategie firmy, která přináší dlouhodobě výsledky VŠE Praha, HH Top Students

  • 25.8.2010 – Hlavní faktory úspěchu při prodeji koncovým zákazníkům, Úvodní projev na YIT Stavo regionálním setkání Generálních ředitelů

  • 28.5.2010 – Důležitost role CEO pro úspěšné PR (PREZENTACE ke stažení) APRA Praha

  • 27.5.2010 – „Trends in marketing / When consumers join forces on-line.“ Economia / Trend Marketing / Marketing & Media, Prague

  • 5.11.2009 – „Key pillars of the client-agency relationship“ – Forum Media, Prague

  • 21.10.2009 – PR Summit: „What should change to assure higher prestige of PR & increased budgets“ + Video invitation before PR summit, APRA

  • 4.5.2009 – Panel discussion: „Key drivers of employees motivations and latest trends“ Best employer 2009 / Hewitt Int.

  • 26.11.2008 – „Top women business leaders in the Czech republic: How Jana Budikova brought Tchibo to success“ Institute for International Leaders

  • 24.10.2007 – „Role of independent consultants in the marketing communication“ Forum Media Conference

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