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Growth Paths For Companies Exist, They Are Linked To Flexibility

Why Managers Leave Their Jobs And Open Their Own Business

On Threats Coming From Economical Crisis

The Women Boss Is Successful When She Gets A Chance

The Companies Are Saving: One Boss For Several Countries

Why Coffee Smells So Nicely

Quality Cannot Be Copied

I Live A Highly Interesting Life

Czech TOP 100 – TCHIBO – Innovative Products & Services From Last Year

I Have Learnt A Lot From Each Job

At Work I Do Not Use „Women Weapons“ At All

Success Requires Personal Compromises

Jana Budikova, No.12 Most Influential Woman In The Czech Republic

Meet The Top 25 Women In the Czech Business

Tchibo Wants To Expand Into Regions

Sieg der Sturheit (Victory of Stolidity)

In Bars Only Due to Her Profession

Women Do Not Have It Easy

Is CSZV Aspiring To Become An Association of Advertisers?

At Visit By Jana Budikova

Logical Step from Health to Beauty

There Is a an Excellent Life With Johnson&Johnson

Brand As a Personality

She Grew With The Company

Johnson&Johnson Launches Facial Wash

She Managed to Enter the Right Train

Clean Teath – American Way

Inspired & satisfied partners

I am always glad to turn to Jana whenever I need a visionary view

Bohuslav Bohunek Editor in Chief Trend Marketing