How To Identify, Quantify & Seize The Right Business Priorities. How To Align Total Company Behind New Targets

Length: 3 days

Target Group: Top Management, Members of Management Team

Outcome: Thanks to the crisis and social media revolution, consumer behaviour had changed, but not always Companies¨ strategies adjusted. Average MD devotes monthly only 3 hours thinking about future direction for his Company what is not sufficient for keeping the competitive advantage. Participants will think through effectiveness of their current strategy in line with current trends and developing consumers behavior, as well as in the context of their competition. Participants will obtain tools and methods as well as practical examples for formulation of new strategy for their Company. They will understand, how is it critical to enthuse the team for new strategy and its implementation and how to deal with obstacles on the way. Last but not least, the participants will practice how to effectively plan and how to measure the results of their work.


  • The most important trends influencing financial situation of a Company.
  • Which Companies are successful, why, how to measure their success.
  • Company purpose, vision, mission, values and the role of CEO
  • Strategic vision of companies, world examples.
  • How to create sustainable competitive advantage
  • How, why and when to create strategic plan
  • Examples of growth strategies and of strategic plans
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a part of growth strategy, how to master them
  • Strategic planning process
  • The way of setting priorities for brands, customers and investments
  • How to assure the right understanding and implementation of Strategy by employees
  • Critical success factors for outstanding Companies

Language: English or Czech

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