How To Master Marketing in the New Era

Length: 4 days

Target group: Consumer+trade marketing teams, account+sales managers

Outcome The participants will feel confident to build differentiated brands, to develop marketing / trade marketing strategies and plans, to prioritize investment and measure effects of activities as having learnt tools and observed best practices to manage brands effectively in innovative way.


  • Marketing and its challenges today in Companies, marketing strategies vs. Company strategies, current trends.
  • Understanding of consumer needs, definition of target group, – market segmentation – why, how, examples of segmentation, competitive audit / SWOT
  • Definition of a brand, challenges during brand building, why do we need brands, brand experience, brand identity
  • ___Positioning a positioning statements: target consumer, frame of reference, point of difference (functional vs emotional benefits), reasons to believe

    ___Brand as a concept / Brand Essence / USP

    ___Brand development in time

    ___Evolution of expectations on brands – from stake-holders, customers, partners

  • Strategies for building brands and their revitalization
  • Portfolio strategies / brand hiarchie/ leveraging / brand extensions
  • Building brands with effective communication reflecting trends
  • Measuring the brand value and of effectiveness of marketing communication, ways, examples what to do when you do not have sufficient budget
  • Effective marketing planning
  • ___OGS(I)M – objectives, goals, strategies, initiatives, measurements

    ___Effective allocation of marketing investment

    ___ ___ Consumer vs. Trade marketing

    ___ ___ Existing products / customers vs. new products / new customers

  • Best practices
  • Building an organization focused on customer/consumer / alignment of Company vision and mission with processes focused on consumers

Languages: English or Czech

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