How To Identify, Quantify & Exploit New Business Opportunities

Length:2 days

Target group: General Managers, Finance Directors, Sales Directors, Marketing Directors, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, KAM

Outcome Participants will learn the latest know-how on how to identify the most impactful business opportunity and how to assure the right opportunities are being implemented. Everybody will get a hands-on guide what should be done in a Company to assure future growth.


  • Why, when and how to exploit new business opporunities
  • New business opportunities from perspective of new customers, new markets, existing customers, existing markets
  • New business opportunities from perspective of penetration-frequency-amount of consumption
  • New business opportunities from perspective of innovation of product, packaging, concept, way of communication, way of distribution
  • Key drivers of efficiency in marketing and sales
  • Key drivers of efficiency in the organizational structures and processes
  • Financial modeling
  • Who is responsible, what is the right process

Languages: English or Czech

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