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Top Trends of 2014. How To Exploit Them

Growth Paths For Companies Exist, They Are Linked To Flexibility

Twitter Went IPO. IBM in Cloud Crisis. Support to Bitcoin

The Pitfalls Of Mergers & Acquisitions

Why CEOs Should Prevent Cuts Of The Innovation Budgets

New Beginnings: Why Managers Leave Their Jobs To Open Their Own Business

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Today´s Relevance of Bata´s Leadership Principles

„Was Bata Always Right or Wrong?“ Opinions

My Journey To Inspiration

When Finally Will Women Start To Help Each Other?

Big Questionmarks About Uncertain Future

Is Manager´s Vulnerability Desirable?

The Facebook´s Legend

The Other Vaclav Klaus

The Starbucks´ Soul

Why I Am Hooked Up On Twitter?

What A Consumer Of The Future Expects?

Crisis In Quality Or Quality In Crisis?

Trends You Cannot Miss

Celebration of 60th Birthday

It Is Time To Change The Agency Remuneration

Why We Overlook the Customer?

Let´s Go To Kill The Brands! How? By Price!

When the Company Lacks the Fuel, Only Profit Grows, Not Turnover

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